Retail Counters

Customized Store Fixtures

With a wide variety of checkout counters, service counters and service desks available, Lyons Store Fixtures can provide you with the exact requirements for your retail store. All of our products feature heavy-duty welded construction for durability and longevity. Laminate countertops are available in a variety of colors to match your store’s décor and branding. Many options are available for customization, including monitor stands, aisle close-offs and keyboard tray holders.

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Modular Retail Counters

Modular Retail Counters are ideal for retailers who want the ultimate flexibility in their front-end counter systems. Attractive and affordable, these fixtures may be configured into limitless combinations of all shapes and sizes to work in any retail store. The components can be assembled into a standard, angled or U-shaped configuration, with a number of accessories available, including utility drawers, keyboard assemblies, checkshelves and adjustable shelves.

The new Lyons Legacy checkout series is designed to provide our customers with a unique and stylish checkout counter that combines the strength of steel with the beauty and warmth of wood. Legacy metal/wood hybrid checkouts are built to be just as durable and strong as our traditional checkstands, but offer a chic and polished look and feel to enhance your store interior.