Engineering and Design

Our on-staff design engineers use the latest in engineering and design tools, including Auto-CAD, Solidworks and CAM technology, to optimize material utilization and provide part validation for all projects.

Multi-Bend Folding

Our two automated robotic RAS Multi-Bend Centers and Robotic Sheet Feeders allow multiple forming operations on the same part without having to change dies, speeding up production and lowering costs.


With 16 press brakes Lyons can form metal up to 10 feet long. The brakes all feature 6-axis control, allowing excellent range of motion and movement to form the product in multiple ways.


Using Auto-Index tooling, our 15 “Strippit” CNC punching machines offer a highly flexible alternative to expensive hard tooling.


Powder coating, laser engraving and 30 finishing and polishing stations for stainless steel provide superior finishes to appliance and industrial products. Thanks to their attention to detail and years of skill, our experienced craftsmen produce high-quality products in our on-site facilities.


From the most exacting TIG welding to robotic large-scale MIG welding, Lyons has more than 40 welding machines and stations to fabricate any material.

Laser Cutting

Our three laser cutting machines feature Dynamic Power Control, allowing us to process the most intricate parts. We offer short lead times on both prototype and production runs.


Two highly-trained and fully-staffed assembly departments construct and assemble industrial products and store fixtures. From here, products are expertly packaged and shipped to the customer.