Grocery Checkouts

Lyons can create a customized checkout solution

Lyons Store Fixtures has been providing grocery stores and supermarkets throughout North America with high-quality checkstands and store fixtures for many years. In addition to standard models, the Lyons design team can work together with you to develop a custom fixture or checkstand best suited for your store environment. Our product lines include belted modular checkout systems with a variety of configurations and options, as well as pedestal-style ergonomic space-saving models.


The belted checkout modular system with multiple conveyor lengths and cashstand sizes offers a variety of configurations and options designed to meet the needs of grocery store and other retailers everywhere. Featuring durable welded construction as well as powder coat paint, and a variety of options including power poles and lane lights, we can create a flexible, long-lasting store fixture for every requirement.

The Pedestal Series checkout counters provide a clean and upscale look, perfect for updating the appearance of any retail store. The ergonomic space-saving pedestal styling provides a much smaller footprint than other checkout counters, but these checkout stands are packed with product features, including a pull-out bagging shelf and order divider bars and holders. In addition to the multiple conveyor lengths available, you can further customize your counter with a full line of options.

The new Lyons Legacy checkout series is designed to provide our customers with a unique and stylish checkout counter that combines the strength of steel with the beauty and warmth of wood. Legacy metal/wood hybrid checkouts are built to be just as durable and strong as our traditional checkstands, but offer a chic and polished look and feel to enhance your store interior.